Crystallyzed Photography | About
Me + Photos = Love
My parents, both talented in photography, exposed me to the art at a very young age and I was instantly hooked. Living in Alaska now for almost 30 years and working in tourism for over 16, I've regularly hopped on small planes, kayaked and hiked through remote wilderness. I'm especially thankful for every experience, as each has helped shape my style and technique over the years.

A few of my favorite things
Shooting film until 2004, I began converting to digital and also switched from Nikon to Canon. Starting with a 20D (on loan) and eventually purchasing my first DSLR, a 50D, during the fall of 2009. Now shooting with a 5D Mark III, I’m a huge fan of prime lenses. I absolutely love panoramas, find macro fascinating and use my “nifty fifty” 90% of the time.

Art is Everywhere
I see potential for art everywhere. From inanimate objects to landscapes, wildlife, people, architecture, cityscapes — the list goes on. While my favorite focus may change, I believe the constant is simply finding beauty and sharing through images. Maybe someday in the near future, I’ll identify my niche. For now I’m just following where my passion leads me.

Attached at the Hip
It may seem a little crazy to carry a camera everywhere you go, but I do. Living in a wild place like Anchorage, it never fails that a moose will be crossing the street when you least expect it. I’ve also come to realize that the ability to visually freeze time and capture memories is priceless. Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy my view through the lens.